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Best practice

Association for Nonviolent Communication

The Association for Nonviolent Communication runs campaigns and educational workshops for children and young people in the region of Ljubljana.... [Read more]

EXIT S.C.S. onus (Exit, cooperative social enterprise onlus)

EXIT S.C.S. Onlus is a cooperative social enterprise (NGO) providing specialized social services in preven-tion and intervention with violence and... [Read more]

Fair Skills - youth cultural peer training

The “Fair Skills”-practice (FS) reaches out to young people from various at-risk communities in Berlin, brings them together in one external... [Read more]

Back on Track

Specifically targeted are inmates and remand prisoners in Copenhagen, who are charged with or convicted of terrorism and/or inmates vulnerable to... [Read more]

Disengagement and Critical Aftercare

For national security-related reasons, PET is paying great attention to individuals returning to Denmark from international war zones like Syria or... [Read more]

Exit Sweden

Exit was developed in Norway to disengage and de-radicalise people from the right-wing scene. In Sweden it was implemented in 1998 to help young... [Read more]

Aggredi programme

Aggredi’s main goal is to decrease violence or stop it completely at the individual level. The other goal is to develop working methods with... [Read more]

Exit work located within the social space

Jump on the one hand aims to improve the sensitivity of professionals (especially pedagogic) and otherwise engaged people within the social spaces... [Read more]

A guide to police empowerment conversations

Dialogue is an important tool for both resolving conflicts and creating understanding and trust. When children and young people come into conflict... [Read more]

Restoring Relation Project (RRP): Addressing Hate Crime through Restorative Justice

RRP was a three year multi-agency partnership project operating within and across deprived urban areas of Southwark and Lambeth in London. RRP... [Read more]

The Unity Initiative

The Unity Initiative (TUI) is a specialist Interventions Consultancy with the primary aim of dismantling reac-tionary absolutism, tackling violent... [Read more]


EXIT-Germany is an initiative assisting individuals, who want to leave the extreme right-wing movement and start a new life. Being the first to... [Read more]

Advice Centre Hesse

Since its opening, the main focus of the Advice Centre Hesse is to intervene in the radicalisation processes. Targeted local de-radicalisation... [Read more]

Taking Responsibility

The intention of Taking Responsibility – Breaking away from Hate and Violence is to enable young people who are arrested for ideologically... [Read more]