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Barcelona- intercultural city

The intercultural plan has been passed by the city parliament. There is a Policy responsible for Intercultural dialogue. A Mayor's Commissioner for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue co-ordinates immigration policies and intercultural dialogue at the city level. The Commissioner has broad transversal responsibility and related to all departments of the municipality. The political leadership of the Mayor in putting intercultural policy high on the agenda is essential for the effective functioning of the Commissioner. There is a municipal migration council chaired by the Mayor which is instrumental in developing political consensus and preparing municipal immigration plans. The first such plan was adopted In 2002 following a broad with social actors and based on a strong political consensus involving all political parties. A second plan is being negotiated at the moment, again in the context of a political consensus. This consensus is essential and an important message for citizens that the management of migration is a priority for the entire community. Make citizens’ rights and duties known in the city’s reception material and informative sessions
• Advocate the right to vote in municipal elections for resident foreigners
• Adaptation of services to guarantee equality of rights in a context of greater religious plurality (adaptation of cemeteries, menus in public centres such as schools, etc.)
• Training of workers and the incorporation of more “enabling agents” to guarantee accessibility and quality of services to all users.