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Never Again Association

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The Never Again Association is a Polish and Eastern European anti-racist organisation. The mission of the Never Again Association is to promote multicultural understanding and to contribute to the development of a democratic civil society in Poland and in the broader region of Central and Eastern Europe. Never Again is particularly concerned with the problem of education against racial and ethnic prejudices among the young.

Activities of Never Again include:

  • Social campaigning and educational programmes.
  • Monitoring and publishing data on racist incidents and other xenophobic crimes committed in Poland as well as sharing information and analysis on hate crime and extremist and racist groups operating in Poland and in the rest of Europe.
  • Sharing expertise and cooperating with researchers, media, policy makers, national and international organisations.
  • Running of the 'Delete Racism' project to combat racism and anti-Semitism on the Internet and conducting high-profile educational campaigns in the field of popular culture, 'Music Against Racism' and 'Let's Kick Racism out of the Stadiums'. 
  • UEFA EURO 2012 'Respect Diversity – Football Unites' programme: major educational and awareness-raising activities that took place before and during the European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine.

The Never Again practitioners come from various professional backgrounds as political and social studies, social work, legal, educational. A particularly promising aspect of the Never Again approach is combining work on many different levels - international networking alongside domestic and local projects, integration of football work and general societal work, collaborating simultaneously with other NGOs, risk groups, policy makers and practitioners, as well as with local and national authorities. Such approach combined with Never Again's broad network of volunteers across the whole country and the region enables the Association to diagnose and respond quickly to any issues that may come up within the scope of its work.

At present, Never Again is approaching the field of prison work and has already become a reference point for those involved in de-radicalisation work. The Association provides help with regards to carrying out first-line work, as well as advises on how to approach and deal with extremists and hate crime offenders. The Association also broadly promotes implementation of best practices regarding both combating racism and hate crime, as well as promoting a positive, inclusive public discourse on multiculturalism and diversity.

Contact details:

Never Again Association (Stowarzyszenie Nigdy Więcej)
P.O. Box 6
03-700 Warszawa 4

Jacek Purski
Tel: (+48) 601360835