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Best practice Educating young people

7E Youth Academy is an organisation which works at ground level with young people in gang / extremist communities; classified as hard to reach by local government departments.

The philosophy is that the most precious resource of humanity are young people; it is they that possess the greatest potential for the overall improvement of the human condition globally and so the work is with young people, their communities and their families. 7E Youth Academy wants the young to work with to have a positive worldview, to disengage from negative behaviour and become creators of their own personal development. Also they want “ghettos” to become safe and productive areas for people to live in where people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds can live in peace, mutual appreciation and respect.

7E Youth Academy uses education, heritage study, information sharing as tools as part of the work to improve the self-esteem of the clients, their personal economic circumstances and help them along the path towards self-improvement and personal development.

7E Youth Academy use empirical methodology combined with established research and best practice to continuously improve the methodological approaches. They want the work to be effective in helping individuals and communities cope with the challenges caused by gang violence, extremism, racism, social exclusion and financial exclusion / poverty.

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Keith Christopher Smith