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Legal resources

Social approach to the fight against racism at local and regional level - Resolution 264 (2008)

While the struggle against racism is a legal and political obligation of states and regional and international intergovernmental organisations, the... [Read more]

Crime and urban insecurity in Europe: the role of local authorities - Resolution 99 (2000)

The Chamber of Local Authorities has long recognised that combating crime is a priority in Europe and that local authorities, along with other... [Read more]

Manual on Local Authorities and Urban Crime Prevention - Resolution 57 (1997)

Crime, fear of crime and urban insecurity are significant preoccupations affecting the public and political leaders of contemporary Europe. It is... [Read more]

The participation of foreign residents in public life at local level - consultative bodies - Resolution 116 (2001)

This report refers to The Convention on the Participation of Foreigners in Public Life at Local Level (CPFPL), which was developed on 5 November... [Read more]

Tackling terrorism - the role and responsibilities of local authorities - Resolution 159 (2003)

  This report highlights the goals and outcomes of the CLRAE Conference on “Tackling terrorism - the role and responsibilities of local... [Read more]

A pact for the integration and participation of people of immigrant origin in Europe’s towns, cities and regions - Resolution 181 (2004)

This report presents several tactics as to which the Council of Europe strives to promote the Convention on the participation of foreigners in... [Read more]

Cultural identity in peripheral urban areas: the role of local and regional authorities - Resolution 205 (2005)

The peripheral areas of cities, which are cradles of composite, marginalised identities, harbour conflicts and contradictions that may explode in... [Read more]

Urban security in Europe - Recommendation 197 (2006)

In order to get a better picture of trends in crime and strategies for crime control in Europe, the European Resource Centre for Urban Security has... [Read more]

Intercultural and interreligious dialogue: an opportunity for local democracy - Recommendation 245 (2008)

Local and regional authorities are willing to create the conditions for structured dialogue. They are invited to make an inventory of local... [Read more]

European Urban Charter I and II Manifesto for a new urbanity (1992, 2008)

The European Urban Charter is built upon the work of the Council of Europe on urban policies - work inspired by the European Campaign for Urban... [Read more]

Organising intercultural and interreligious activities: a toolkit for local authorities - Resolution 397(2016)

The report focuses on the promotion of intercultural and interreligious dialogue as a means to prevent radicalisation within the current context of... [Read more]

The need for regional cultural identity - Resolution 268 (2008)

This report shows how strong regional identities can provide the answers to some of the problems that people encounter in modern life. Furthermore,... [Read more]

Intercultural cities - Resolution 280 (2009)

This project promotes and recognises the contribution of different cultural groups to the social coherence of cities. This project recommends a... [Read more]

Cultural integration of Muslim women in European cities - Resolution 318 (2010)

Muslim women in European cities often have difficulty integrating into society because of a combination of factors, including language problems,... [Read more]

Meeting the challenges of interfaith and intercultural tensions at local level - Resolution 323 (2011)

Apart from the socio-economic challenges European cities nowadays face, such as housing and employment problems, this reports suggest that local... [Read more]

Education for democratic citizenship: tools for cities - Resolution 332 (2011)

Local authorities have a duty to promote and facilitate active education for democratic citizenship (EDC), good local democracy being an essential... [Read more]

Promoting diversity through intercultural education and communication strategies - Resolution 375 (2014)

The establishment of intercultural relations and the promotion of intercultural dialogue at local and regional levels frequently suffer from the... [Read more]

Congress strategy to combat Radicalisation at grass-roots level

The different Council of Europe bodies and departments have created concrete proposals for short, medium and long-term action plans to be included... [Read more]

Combating radicalisation at grassroots level: the role of local and regional authorities - Resolution 381 (2015)

The recent terrorist attacks in European and other cities require effective responses, in particular in the field of prevention of radicalisation,... [Read more]

Guidelines for local and regional authorities on preventing radicalisation and manifestations of hate at grassroots level - Resolution 384(2015)

The report discusses the concept of radicalisation and explores the various approaches to tackling the problem such as repression, prevention and... [Read more]