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Introduction to intercultural and interfaith dialogue

Literature resources

The Oxford Handbook of Religious Diversity - Chad Meister (2011)

The Oxford Handbook of Religious Diversity consists of thirty-three articles which cover numerous issues in religious diversity. Since more and... [Read more]

The Impossibility of Interreligious Dialogue - Catherine Cornille (2008)

In the face of competing religious claims in our shrinking world, many turn to dialogue as a hopeful way of fostering understanding and reducing... [Read more]

Interculturalism, Education and Dialogue - A. Besley, C. McCarthy, M. Peters and F. Rizvi (2012)

Intercultural dialogue is a concept and discourse that dates back to the 1980s. It is the major means for managing diversity and strengthening... [Read more]

Understanding interreligious relations - D. Cheetham, D. Pratt and D. Thomas (2013)

The ways in which religious communities interact with one another is an increasing focus of scholarly re-search and teaching. Issues of... [Read more]

Pathways for interreligious dialogue in the twenty-first century - V. Latinovic, G. Mannion and P. Phan (2016)

Without question, interreligious relations are crucial in the contemporary age. While most dialogue works on past and contemporary matters, this... [Read more]

Intercultural dialogue: challenges to theory, practice and research - P. Holmes (2014)

This special issue showcases papers presented at the International Association of Languages and Intercultural Communication (IALIC) conference in... [Read more]

"They are bombing now": "Intercultural Dialogue" in times of conflict - A. Phipps (2014)

This article argues that the concept of ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ in its present dominant manifestation has run its course. Phipps argues that... [Read more]

Struggling over the mode of incorporation: Backlash against multiculturalism in Europe - J.C. Al-exander (2013)

Documenting the extraordinary potency and reach of the European backlash against multiculturalism, this essay provides a new theoretical model for... [Read more]

The crises of multiculturalism: racism in a neoliberal age - Titley (2011)

Across the West, something called multiculturalism is in crisis. Regarded as the failed experiment of liberal elites, commentators and politicians... [Read more]

“Towards Post-Multiculturalism? Changing communities, conditions and contexts of diversity - Vertovec (2010)

Since the turn of the millennium, multiculturalism – a term spanning a variety of policies and institutional frameworks – has been seriously... [Read more]

Interculturalism in Cities: Concept, Policy and Implementation

Cities are increasingly recognized as new players in diversity studies, and many of them are showing evidence of an intercultural shift. As an... [Read more]