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Housing and neighbourhoods

Best practice

Policy of reception

The municipal housing stock consists of 2052 houses over three main districts of rehousing and other cores of rehousing dispersed with a large... [Read more]

Increasing diversity and improving dialogue in the neighbourhoods

In most of Bergen’s neighbourhoods a vast majority of residents comes from the majority background: there is no district with a vast majority of... [Read more]

Breaking down barriers between communities

A single public housing policy for everyone that contributes to integration into neighbourhoods and social cohesion, avoiding the territorial... [Read more]

Arnold Circus revamp

Arnold Circus was one of the United Kingdom's very first social housing estates. Now around 97% of the local Virginia Primary School pupils... [Read more]

Change the image of a neighbourhood

On 28 February 2015, some 130 persons participated in the guided tour of Quinta do Mocho neighbourhood conducted by the C4i team of Loures,... [Read more]

“Closer and Closer”: good neighborhood policy through culture

Lublin is bidding to be the European Capital of Culture for 2016. Taking power and experience from its heritage it wants to show Lublin as a city... [Read more]

Voisin Malin (Smart neighbour) – an intercultural social enterprise in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

VoisinMalin is a social project that aims to help people living in poor and disadvantaged areas. It gives residents the possibility to build a... [Read more]

Reggio Emilia - a local framework pact for the requalification of the railway station zone - Reggio

The railway station area in Reggio Emilia was originally conceived as an upper-middle class residential neighbourhood. The bankruptcy of the... [Read more]

Promoting social mixing and urban renewal through intercultural events

In Setubal, some activities run by minorities have a limited cross-cultural attendance. On the other hand, there is evidence of good attendance by... [Read more]

The "Charrúa" Association

In 2011 Uruguayan-born citizens founded this association that aims to work for social cohesion and disseminate, promote and integrate Uruguayan... [Read more]

General when possible, specific when needed

According to the report made available by the city, Tilburg only has general homes for the elderly, and there is a worry that migrants cannot get a... [Read more]

“Enrich your Neighborhood”: a genuine bottom-up approach to governance

The city of Tilburg undertook a complete reassessment of the offer and performance of public services in the light or citizens’ expressed wishes... [Read more]