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Existing trainings

Education and training

RecoRa Institute

The RecoRa Institute develops local expertise to counter radicalisation and violent extremism. RecoRa de-signs Train the Trainer-training and... [Read more]

Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA)

Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) is an NGO and think tank in the field of security policy that provides research and training... [Read more]

Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP)

  WRAP is an hour long interactive facilitated workshop centred on a DVD, aimed at frontline staff. The work-shop aims to give... [Read more]

Improving Security by Democratic Participation (ISDEP)

ISDEP is a 2 1/2 year project based on the EU Commission’s Prevent strand of the Counter Terrorism Strategy. Developed in partnership with eight... [Read more]

Internet Safety Toolkit

The Internet Safety Toolkit is a series of engaging films and animations for young people, which includes advice for parents, teachers and... [Read more]

Bachelor and Graduate

Operation Bachelor and Operation Graduate are two discussion exercises developed by the ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit to help the police engage with... [Read more]


This is a multimedia product designed to bring together key partners from agencies that work within Prevent. It supports partners to identify early... [Read more]

Working with Potentially Violent Loners (PVL) in the Care Sector

Working with PVLs requires expertise on different levels. Generally, a three-stage process is involved among individuals and organisations: from... [Read more]

Violent Extremism Ideology training

Our workforce development programmes aim to enable delegates to recognise the different violent and non-violent extremist groups that operate... [Read more]

Expert Center on Gender and Right-Wing Extremism - Berlin

The primary goal of the Expert Center on Gender and Right-Wing Extremism is to look at right-wing extremism from a gender perspective and achieve... [Read more]

RAN Train the trainer programme

To enable Member States to reach out to different actors with awareness training, the RAN TAS built a one-day Awareness and Actions Workshop.... [Read more]

Training at the police academy

One day training Basic Radicalisation and Terrorism (police and security partners). This training, also suita-ble in a multidisciplinary setting... [Read more]

Counselling to victims of hate crime

In IUSTITIA provides legal aid including representation in court and social counselling provided to all people affected by hate crime (1st liners,... [Read more]

Teachers empowered

The methodological basis of the program ‘Teachers Empowered’ rests on viewing the teaching profession as an exercise in leadership.... [Read more]

De-radicalisation by mapping of regions and strengthen the local institutions

Our practice has 3 main activities: 1. Background research for government, local municipalities and other subjects about ethnical minorities of... [Read more]


CoPPRa is a project funded by the European Union with co-funding from the Belgian Federal Police, which aims to improve the capacity of first line... [Read more]

ProDem Training

Empowering of first-line practitioners in prevention and intervention. Developed training modules “proDEM” are aimed at empowering local... [Read more]