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Melitopol Forum 2015 launches its Intercultural City Strategy 2015-2020 and marks a new era in the development of national ICCUA network

The development of interculturality On September 28-29, 2015 the city of Melitopol hosted a second intercultural forum, one year on from a... [Read more]

A diversity advantage story: Dutch city hires Polish psychology

Autumn 2011 had the Dutch city Utrecht in a predicament. Rejected asylumseekers were out on the streets and a group of longterm homeless Polish... [Read more]

“Tolerance Cup”: Mini-Olympics for children from local communities

The Tolerance Cup is an annual event in which schools of all background take part in a mini-Olympics. In the arts there has been a more ambiguous... [Read more]

Cultural and sport events for diversity

In other Norwegian cities, the Syttende Mai Norwegian National Day is devoted solely to the celebration of an invented 19th century ideal of... [Read more]

Welcoming internationals to the city

It’s very important for the region that newcomers are properly welcomed. Several years ago, the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industries... [Read more]

Burkina Faso: the true spirit of co-development

In Reggio Emilia, the migrant inclusion is enhanced through projects for development cooperation with countries of origin. Creating thousands of... [Read more]

Mondinsieme: together with the world

An aspiring intercultural city should have an international policy that seeks, at least in part, to promote a dynamic relationship with places of... [Read more]

Mondo tra I fornelli: intercultural cooking laboratories

The Mondinpiazza Festival is an intercultural weekend that unfolds in the city streets. It is organised in collaboration with associations of... [Read more]

Benefiting from the social inclusion of vulnerable groups of Patras’

Τhe city of Patras, Greece, continues its efforts for the benefit of social inclusion of vulnerable groups of population. The conception and... [Read more]

Project of training adult promoters for city coexistence

The project consists of three courses of 15 hours of training and at the end of the course participants are asked to be part of a "Network of City... [Read more]

Bank of Time project

The Bank of Time (BT) is a network of citizens who spend part of their time to share activities or services (without the intermediation of money)... [Read more]

EuroPride Human Right conference – Oslo sets the agenda

The City of Oslo and the LGBT-association welcomed cities and NGOs from across Europe to the 2014 EuroPride Human Right conference on 26 and 27... [Read more]

Diversity opportunities flourish in Oslo Extra Large

In October 2012 the Norwegian city of Oslo welcomed a group of international experts to review its intercultural policies. This has been the third... [Read more]

Organisation Against Institutional Discrimination

There is a large and very active voluntary sector concerned with diversity in Oslo and it plays a vital role in many things from combating racism... [Read more]

Creative factories of modern city

The aim of ‘Creative factories of modern city’ is to promote knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of the city amongst all citizens... [Read more]

A Gipsy is your Neighbour” Programme: re-discovering national heritage

The ‘A Gypsy is your Neighbour’ Programme, includes a mixed Roma-Jewish pilgrimage to south Poland, children’s trips, PE classes and swimming... [Read more]

Fifth edition of the Festival "ALL – Walk of Cultures" 2013

For the fifth consecutive year, Lisbon City Council promoted the Festival TODOS – Walk of Cultures in partnership with GLEM (Lisbon Crossroad of... [Read more]

Revising the relationship between migrant and receiving societies

We have learned where Lampedusa is located, have discussed why in 2005 French suburbs burned and understand that climate change will increase the... [Read more]

Gipuzkoa Solidarity V. Bizilagunak / The Next-door family

The project “Bizilagunak: La Familia de al lado” started in 2012, inspired by a Czech organisation. The idea is to gather migrant families and... [Read more]

Growth through diversity in Copenhagen

Engage in Copenhagen is a three year inclusion program, designed to function as a catalyst for the City of Copenhagen’s new inclusion policy and... [Read more]

Copenhagen’s Host Programme facilitates the integration process

Copenhagen’s Host Programme seeks to facilitate encounters between newly arrived migrants and Copenhageners who wish to volunteer as hosts. It is... [Read more]

Refugees welcome – Refugee integration policies in Berlin Neukölln

The new report "Refugees welcome – Refugee integration policies in Berlin Neukölln" analyses policies of Berlin’s district Neukölln to create... [Read more]

News from Babylon

Mitmachzirkus Neukölln is a traditional family circus which has been reinvented to give schoolchildren of disadvantaged background the opportunity... [Read more]

The "Action Plan for Inclusion and Diversity”

Bergen has adopted a number of initiatives which demonstrate its commitment to the intercultural approach. The city council has formally adopted a... [Read more]

Several welcoming projects to (gladly) receive diverse groups

Bergen has implemented various welcoming policy instruments. For instance, the city has set up a designated agency to welcome newcomers. The... [Read more]

The Kaleidoscope and the FIKS Bergen

Bergen uses interculturalism as a criterion when allocating grants administered by the City. Bergen’s cultural and civil life policies are full... [Read more]

XEIX project for Diversity Advantage

The XEIX integration project is carried out in collaboration with the Eixample District and the Eix Fort Pienc Retailers’ Association. The... [Read more]

Innovation and impact on welcome policies

During the first decade of this century Barcelona was defining a global public policy for welcoming the thousands of immigrants arriving each year... [Read more]