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Best practice

Abdullah X Project

The Abdullah X aims to provide innovative and robust animated/multimedia content to build resistance to extremist narrative and the allure of... [Read more]


Our approach consists of three elements, each focusing on one aspect of the issue of radicalisation in Slovak society: first-line practitioners and... [Read more]

Peer 2 Peer (P2P): Challenging Extremism

Peer 2 Peer (P2P): Challenging Extremism is a global university youth initiative and international competition that uses the power of student... [Read more]

Donate the hate

Donate the hate, turning hate-comments into involuntary donations for refugees and against the far right. The internet is currently overflowing... [Read more]

Nazis against Nazis - Germany’s most involuntary charity walk

Right-wing extremism still constitutes a significant problem in Germany. The scene has more than 25,000 members - and this figure is on the rise.... [Read more]

HOPE not hate

Using intelligent counter narratives to challenge extremism (for instance the #wearethemany hashtag online). Empowering communities to challenge... [Read more]

Muslim-Jewish Dialogue - prevention, deconstruction of anti-Semite ideology as part of “Islamist” ideology

Muslim-Jewish Dialogue – prevention, deconstruction of anti-Semite ideology as part of “Islamist” ideology is a project of regular meetings... [Read more]

Turulpata Facebook page - Ridiculing the Radical

The extreme right uses the Internet and especially the new Social Media tools very efficiently to spread its ideology and worldview. The far right... [Read more]

Terrorism: How about listening to what the victims have to say?

The was created to fight radicalisation by promoting an open dialogue between victims of terrorism and the rest of the society. In this... [Read more]

What’s up?

The project focuses on on-going discussions among Muslim youngsters on Facebook and aims at providing alternative perspectives and background... [Read more]

Witness of History

Terrorist recruiters are successful because their ideologies and actions resonate with youth when they are most vulnerable. At a time with they... [Read more]

Against Violent Extremism

Against Violent Extremism (AVE) is a network that aims to provide a platform for former violent extremists and survivors of violence to connect... [Read more]