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Steunpunt Sabr

Steunpunt Sabr (the Arabic word for ‘patience’) is a women’s organisation that is situated in the neighbourhood Schilderswijk (The Hague),... [Read more]

SMN Helpline

This helpline is an initiative and a realisation of the vision of the Alliance of Moroccan Dutch (SMN) on the prevention of radicalisation. The SMN... [Read more]

Advice for parents, relatives and other affected persons with regard to Islamism

Since autumn 2012, the newest team at VAJA e.V. – called “Kitab - Beratung von Eltern, Angehörige und Betroffene in der Auseinandersetzung mit... [Read more]

Family Counselling

The intention of Family Counselling is to support parents of “foreign fighters” or youths at risk to be radicalised and guide them in their... [Read more]

Extremism Information Centre

The Extremism Information centre is a nationwide contact point for parents, teachers, social workers or any other person seeking advice concerning... [Read more]

WomEx - Women/Girls, Gender in Extremism and Prevention

The WomEx practice emerged out of the observations: there is hardly any violent extremist, terrorist, or hate crime offender that does not... [Read more]

Praefix R - Coaching for imprisoned parents

Through a special coaching programme with imprisoned parents we intend to prevent the tendency to right wing radicalisation in their kids. The... [Read more]

Nationwide Institute for right-wing extremism and family

The nationwide Institute for right-wing extremism and family is a counselling office for parents whose children are in a right-wing extremism... [Read more]

Mothers School

SAVE’s experiences and extensive interviews show that violent extremists undergo a process of radicalisation that others, most significantly... [Read more]


HAYAT (Turkish and Arabic for “Life“) is the first German counselling program for persons involved in radical Salafist groups or on the path of... [Read more]

Survivors for Peace

Survivors for Peace provides victims of political violence and terrorism with a virtual and real peer support network with dedicated officers to... [Read more]

Women Building Peace

Women Building Peace is a radicalisation-aware and conflict-sensitive training programme, supporting marginalised women to become more active... [Read more]