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The Map of Terror

The Map of Terror uses the potentialities of online communication for building a speech using texts, videos, images and a huge data base. All the... [Read more]

C4C: Counter-Narration for Counter-terrorism

The main aim of “Counternarration4Counterterrorism - C4C” project is to support and use the testimonies and the stories of the victims of... [Read more] – Youth culture, religion and civic education in migration societies – Jugendkultur, Religion und politische Bildung in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft Ufuq is an NGO that works primarily with youngsters... [Read more]

West London Initiative

West London Initiative (WLI) is in an NGO that works in first-line deradicalisation with local young people at-risk of developing extremist beliefs... [Read more]

VAJA e.V. – Association to promote acceptance-based youth work

VAJA e.V. stands for Verein zur Förderung akzeptierender Jugendarbeit e.V. VAJA e.V. is an NGO, which started acceptance-based youth work in... [Read more]

Sankofa - 7E Youth Academy Information

7E Youth Academy is an organisation which works at ground level with young people in gang / extremist communities; classified as hard to reach by... [Read more]

Race on the Agenda (ROTA)

Rota is a social action organisation and was founded 30 years ago as a result of joint efforts for a representative body to ensure that the Race... [Read more]

SIPI: Foundation for Intercultural Participation and Education

SIPI stands for Stichting Intercultural Participatie en Integratie. SIPI in Amsterdam started as a small NGO of migrant woman in 2005. Now it... [Read more]

Straathoekwerk (Street Corner Work)

Straathoekwerk in Zaanstad (SWZ) started as a small NGO of street workers in the 1980s and is now financed by the local government. SWZ reaches out... [Read more]

Libera – Associations, Names and Numbers against mafias

Libera – Association Nomi e Numeri contro le mafie Libera (LI) is an NGO that engages in prevention and targets first-line work of... [Read more]

Fryshuset - Passus

Fryshuset, which means “cold store” in Swedish was founded in 1984. Formally Fryshuset was a foundation headed by the YMCA of Stockholm. The... [Read more]

Gangway e.V., Social streetwork

Gangway – Social Streetwork in Berlin (GW) is an NGO that provides detached street work in at-risk neighbourhoods of Berlin. It combines... [Read more]

Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation

Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation (Glencree) is an NGO that works in conflict transformation and violence prevention with adults and... [Read more]

Memoria futura / Future Memory

AIVITER realised a training module for the educational system to raise awareness of extremist violence and promote active citizenship among... [Read more]

BOUNCE Resilience Tools

BOUNCE is a package of three training and awareness-raising tools for youngsters and their social environment. It is a positive answer to the... [Read more]

Getting on Together

Getting on Together (GOT) consists out of four inter-locking programmes challenging extremism and promoting integration: GOT Phase 1: Pilot... [Read more]

QUIMS programme: Quality In Multicultural Schools

Schools with a percentage higher than 40 % of pupils with a mother tongue other than German are part of the QUIMS-program [QUIMS: Quality In... [Read more]

Expedition Friend & Foe

The purpose of FRIEND&FOE is to give (young) people, students and their teachers’ tools to handle conflict in a constructive manner, in their... [Read more]

Denkzeit (Time to Think) Training

The Denkzeit (meaning Time to Think) Training programmes address youngsters (ages 13 through 25) at school, in prison or on probation, who have a... [Read more]

Digital Literacy

The project is designed to equip young people with skills to question the content they encounter online. We also enable young people to recognise... [Read more]

Identity, Belonging and Extremism

The project “Identity, Belonging and Extremism” (IBE) is a media content based project that is delivered in local schools. The project is... [Read more]

Jewish Informal Education

A non-profit organisation established in 2002, Haver Foundation stands with individuals and educational organisations and institutions – mostly... [Read more]

IC Thinking

Researchers from the University of Cambridge (Savage, Boyd-MacMillan, Liht) have developed the theory, application and assessment for IC... [Read more]

Derad theatre-therapy workshop

The aim of the Megálló Group Foundation for Addicts’ de-radicalisation work is developed to prevent youngsters from violent extremism and to... [Read more]

Intercultural education through the subject “Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of the Region” (CSHR)

The aim of this activity is to improve social relationships of post-conflict societies in Croatia, and to allow children who live in multicultural... [Read more]

Never Again Association

The Never Again Association is a Polish and Eastern European anti-racist organisation. The mission of the Never Again Association is to promote... [Read more]

Democracy Factory/Fortress of Democracy

Interactive exhibition on democratic citizenship for children and youngsters. The Democracy Factory is an interactive exhibition where visitors... [Read more]

THINK! 4 Peace

An intensive programme for reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience to radicalisation, delivered over a matter of months to cohorts of... [Read more]

How do we want to live

Peer-workshops based on educational films. The workshops are based on five educational films dealing with questions of Islam, racism, Islamism... [Read more]


The intention of the project MAXIME Berlin Intercultural and Interreligious Prevention is to prevent (further) disintegration and radicalisation of... [Read more]

Bridging the gap between “New” and native Canadians - Toronto,

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) governs over 550 schools. In some of these schools, the proportion of "new Canadians" is as high as 80 to... [Read more]

“Strengthen our efforts”: a strategy for language stimulation of migrants

Some 5 000 adults are at any one time enrolled in language tuition programs. The city provides free tuition to refugees and adults in family with... [Read more]

Barcelona Centre for Linguistic Normalisation

Distribution of the contents of the Citizens’ Charter in “Easy Reading” formats and in different languages. The Barcelona Centre for... [Read more]

Funds to stimulate parents’ participation and intercultural projects in schools

The Bergen municipality has announced funds to stimulate the collaboration between schools and parents from minority background. The city also... [Read more]

Language trainings

The city provides specific language training in the official languages for hard-to reach groups. It also provides learning migrant/minority... [Read more]

Interdisciplinary seminars, information networks and training courses

According to the answers provided in the survey, the city promotes the intercultural competences of its officials and staff through... [Read more]

EMPO Multicultural Resource Centre

EMPO, abbreviation of empowerment, is a multicultural resource centre whose aim is to support immigrants and people from a minority background... [Read more]

Berlin-Neukölln’s strategy for Roma inclusion: an intercultural approach

With a population of about 300,000 inhabitants, of whom 40% have a migrant background, the district of Neukölln in Berlin is often defined by its... [Read more]

Neukölln turns a failing school into a site of educational excellence

The Rütli school had become notorious all over Germany in 2006, when the national press had reported a general climate of insecurity, as well as... [Read more]

Stadtteilmütter (District Mothers) initiative

Home visitors’ campaign to promote educational and health information for migrants The Stadtteilmütter (District Mothers) scheme has trained 140... [Read more]

"Whole family" approach

Educational policy and curricular matters are a cantonal responsibility whist the city is responsible for school buildings. Schooling is seen as... [Read more]

Anti-rumour modules incorporated into education curriculum

To develop a more sustainable model of working with Anti-Rumours, the C4i team in Limerick, with the participation Anti-Rumour Advocates and local... [Read more]

The "Fabuleuses traversées" of the final year pupils at Jean Giono primary school

In an effort to find out more about their origins and their present identities, the pupils of a final year class (CM2) at Jean Giono primary school... [Read more]

Intercultural Melitopol: measuring cultural empathy

A sociological study on cultural competences Melitopol is a city of the Azov region, where more than 225 years there’s harmonious coexistence of... [Read more]

An approach to inter-cultural education that works: the example of Théodore Monod vocational school

The Théodore Monod vocational school of Noisy-le-Sec, located in the northeastern district of Paris (Seine Saint-Denis), is taking a different... [Read more]

Gamlebeyn Skole: diversity in cultures and arts

Kindergartens tend to be characterised by great ethnic mixing but there are signs that primary and secondary schools are gradually becoming more... [Read more]

Teaching respect for diversity in classrooms

This project highlight the ntercultural approach to education to insure peaceful coexistence of diverse communities, by: • Facilitate the... [Read more]

Education project for intercultural coexistence/integration in secondary schools

This project is run by the International Cooperation and Intercultural Department and is implemented in 10 Secondary Schools (8 public and 2... [Read more]

Parla’s Network of Spanish language

The International Cooperation and Intercultural Department promotes and coordinates this Network, where six local associations work together to... [Read more]

Cooperation agreements with universities

The municipality started to collaborate with some Universities and four cooperation agreements were signed to develop research projects in various... [Read more]

Network of young promoters for city coexistence

This activity is to form a network of promoters for city coexistence in Secondary Schools of Parla to participate in the creation and development... [Read more]

Enhancing Teachers’ Intercultural Competence through collaborative learning: A work-based action research intervention in Greece using C4i methodology

Europe’s rapidly increasing social, cultural and linguistic diversity has transformed teachers’/knowledge workers role across the board.... [Read more]

Learn Arabic!

In 2011, the Intercultural centre Mondoinsieme opened for the first time an Arabic language course for non-Arabic speakers. The course was very... [Read more]

SAFE: School Approaches for Family Empowerment

A European project headed by the municipality of the City of Reggio Emilia, with the involvement of the Intercultural Centre Mondinsieme, which... [Read more]

Johannes Learning Centre

Johannes Learning Centre is the city’s main vehicle for building language competence. Although the staff used to be all Norwegians, 40% are now... [Read more]

Breaking down the sectarian divides in society

The city sees education at the heart of both its problems and opportunities. The separation of children into three main monolingual school systems... [Read more]

Subotica - Breaking down the sectarian divides in society

The city sees education at the heart of both its problems and opportunities. The separation of children into three main monolingual school systems... [Read more]

Official Language School and La Laguna University

Tenerife’s language policy achievement rate (60%) is higher than the city sample’s rate of 47% and the Spanish average (43%).Tenerife has thus... [Read more]

The Immigration Observatory of Tenerife (OBITen)

The OBITen is a joint initiative of the Cabildo of Tenerife and La Laguna University arising in 2001 with the aim of promoting scientific research... [Read more]

Rainbow school in Tilburg: "colorful and excellent”

The report of the expert visit found that the Dutch system of schooling is quite distinctive. In strict terms, all Dutch schools are private having... [Read more]

Before and Timely Education

In the projects of VVE (‘before and timely education’), children in the range from 2 till 6 are trained in order to develop especially language... [Read more]