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Governing radicalisation and violent extremism

Literature resources

The Action Plan on Combating Terrorism: a Flawed Instrument of EU Security Governance - Bossong & Raphael (2008)

After clarifying the ideal-typical characteristics of action plans, this contribution shows how the Action Plan on Combating Terrorism emerged out... [Read more]

Towards “Policed Multiculturalism”? Counter-radicalisation in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom - Ragazzi (2014)

The French government recently announced a plan to “combat radicalization” and a series of measures to prevent recourse to violence. Although... [Read more]

Disciplining Terror - Stampnitzky (2013)

  Since 9/11 we have been told that terrorists are pathological evildoers, beyond our comprehension. Before the 1970s, however,... [Read more]

Social Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism - Husband, Charles & Alam (2011)

‘Social Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism’ is a report of a qualitative research project that was carried out in the five metropolitan authorities... [Read more]

Community Policing, Trust, and Muslim Communities in Relation to "New Terrorism" - Spalek (2010)

The following article examines the role of trust between police and communities in the context of “new terrorism,” drawing upon data that... [Read more]

Community cohesion: a new framework for race and diversity - T. Cantle (2005)

In this timely study, the author examines the historical approach to race and diversity and suggests that equality strategies have been a vital,... [Read more]

Bringing it home: Community-based approaches to counter-terrorism - R. Briggs, C. Fieschi and H. Lownsbrough (2006)

This paper argues that local communities are well placed to be an integral part of counter-terrorism activities. It contends that communities can... [Read more]

Preventing and Countering Youth Radicalisation in the EU - Bigo & Bonelli, Guittet & Ragazzi (2014)

Upon request by the LIBE Committee, this study focuses on the question of how to best prevent youth radicalisation in the EU. It evaluates... [Read more]

Countering Radicalisation in Europe - Vision & Brandon (2012)

Since the mid-2000s, several European countries have developed comprehensive counter-radicalization strategies seeking to deradicalize or disengage... [Read more]