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Against Violent Extremism

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Against Violent Extremism (AVE) is a network that aims to provide a platform for former violent extremists and survivors of violence to connect with each other to share ideas, collaborate, and identify partners and resources to find ways of amplifying their initiatives and message to a wider audience.

AVE uses technology to connect, exchange, disseminate and influence all forms of violent extremism (from far right and far left to AQ-linked and inspired, and gangs). On the central AVE website formers and survivors can join the network, (also on Facebook, Twitter and Google +), find and assist related projects and connect to and support members of the network. The network has three primary functions:

1. To connect credible messengers to one another so they can learn best practices and share ideas.

2. To match credible messengers to private sector resources, skills and support. In the aftermath of an extremist attack AVE can act as a positive outlet for members of the public wishing to ‘do something’ as they can register their skills and interests in order to get involved with AVE projects working to counter extremism. The AVE network and associated website will allow individuals and organisations to share practical expertise, pool resources and find donors or volunteers.

3. AVE advocates for the role which former extremists and survivors of violent extremism have to play in pushing back against extremist narratives to governments and international bodies.

In addition to the above, AVE also actively seeks to facilitate longer term project partnerships, from education programmes using members narratives to prison intervention programmes.

Contact details:
Ross Frenett, Director AVE
Tel: (+44) (0)20 7493 9333
48 Charles Street
London, W1J 5EN
United Kingdom