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Terrorism: How about listening to what the victims have to say?

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The was created to fight radicalisation by promoting an open dialogue between victims of terrorism and the rest of the society. In this respect, a specific program known as “Terrorism: how about listening to what victims have to say?” was built whereby conferences are organised involving different audience and locations.

The 1st meeting was set up on the 1st of July 2010 in Paris at a building owned by the mayor of Paris. Since then has set up other meetings including two with 500 high school pupils, one with the youth of the suburban city of Sevran (coordinated with the local association I.D.E.E.S.). A meeting involving 5 different victims and 60 inmates (some of them were convicted for terrorist crimes) was also organised in April, 2015. Through conferences and debates led by victims of terrorism, encourages young people to be involved in the society in order to fight against radicalisation. It requires the promotion of citizenship and mutual understanding, and to make victims more visible to young and/or vulnerable people who may become victims of radicalisation and extremist recruiters.

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Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc
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