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A non-profit organisation established in 2002, Haver Foundation stands with individuals and educational organisations and institutions – mostly local high schools and universities – to promote a diverse and inclusive society in Hungary. Haver works to combat prejudice, discrimination and right wing extremism and to promote social cohesion through dialogue, training, education and advocacy.

The Haver Foundation team has developed educational modules adapted for three main target groups – young people (aged 14-18), university students (19 – 25) and educators – complementing their broader anti-prejudice diversity educational programs, these modules focus on some of the specific cultural, religious and social issues that confront Hungarian society today. Through dialog, informal education, critical and constructive thinking and creating a debate culture and conflict resolution, Haver works towards a voluntary process of attitude change.

The educators are between the ages of 18 and 28, volunteers from Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds. Haver has numerous local and international partnerships with schools, NGO’s, museums, professional networks etc.

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