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Anti-rumour modules incorporated into education curriculum

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To develop a more sustainable model of working with Anti-Rumours, the C4i team in Limerick, with the participation Anti-Rumour Advocates and local networks around third-level education, came up with an idea that Anti-Rumours could be embedded into the post-secondary teaching and learning. Each third-level institution has incorporated the Anti-Rumours project into an aspect of their courses and used the project as an assignment for part of a course:

  • In The University of Limerick approximately 100 students in Psychology participated as part of a Political Psychology course delivered by one of our Anti-Rumour advocates.
  • The Anti-Rumours approach has been included in the Development Education module run by Mary Immaculate College as part of the teacher training programme. The module encourages participants to take part in an external event and lists the Anti-Rumour workshops.
  • The MA in Social Care course in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) has adopted the Anti-Rumours methods as part of its Diversity module. In addition, they are currently working on projects as part of an Anti-Rumour assignment co-ordinated through the Course Director.

The students staff are being trained in the ‘Anti-Rumour’ methodology as part of the Teaching and Learning seminar organised for staff of all three universities on the 26th of April, 2015.