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Taking Responsibility

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The intention of Taking Responsibility – Breaking away from Hate and Violence is to enable young people who are arrested for ideologically motivated acts of violence (right-wing extremists or radical Islamists) to live a responsible and non-violent life and to develop distance to inhuman ideologies. The goals, the trainers try to reach together with the trainees are:

  • Developing relationship skills, empathy, self-esteem, ability to reflect on oneself
  • Taking responsibility and developing distance to inhuman hate ideologies
  • to better understand and correct their violent behaviour
  • to accept each individual’s fundamental right to liberty and freedom from bodily harm
  • to learn how to resolve conflict non-violently to take responsibility for their actions
  • to play an active role in planning their future

The approach consists of local de-radicalisation training, civic education, long-term group training and post release stabilisation coaching. Important during the training are the separation of offence and offender and the questioning of ideology, strategies of justification and offence. Trainers and trainees are supposed to have a reliable relationship based on confidence and respect. The participation takes place on a voluntary basis within their own safe environment.

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