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The Unity Initiative (TUI) is a specialist Interventions Consultancy with the primary aim of dismantling reac-tionary absolutism, tackling violent extremism and promoting pluralism through the use of a pioneering, legitimate and unique methodology which combines sanctioned counter-narratives, behavioural and linguistic sciences as well as providing supportive mechanisms to vulnerable individuals and communities. TUI has 3 main domains of work: one-to-one male and female Terrorist Act (TACT) offender rehabilitation; delivering front-line staff training programmes for Prison, Probation and Police staff; and community interventions tackling the politicised absolutist mindset.

TUI’s reputation has grown considerably within the counterterrorism network for two main reasons. Firstly, for taking on the most challenging and high-profile TACT cases and successfully rehabilitating them (see media links below), and secondly because TACT offenders and ISIS returnees are contacting TUI directly for ideological rehabilitation. This has been due to TUI’s public transformation of high profile cases resulting in urban street credibility, the successful creation of counter-culture in UK prisons and the unrivalled legitimacy of the approach due to strong partnerships and consistent support from world renowned ideological scholars. The methodology is bespoke for each case and due to the direct, critical and continuing nature of the grass root experience that TUI is involved in, the strategies, educational programmes and intellectual technology employed remains cutting-edge, practical and relevant. This insight allows TUI to be a valid critic of the current Counter-Terrorism strategies that are in place and has most recently been invited to deliver the Key Note speech at the Terrorism Conference at West Point Military Academy Summer 2015.

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The Unity Initiative
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