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Exit work located within the social space

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Jump on the one hand aims to improve the sensitivity of professionals (especially pedagogic) and otherwise engaged people within the social spaces in contact with individual right-wing extremists and youth sympathising with right-wing extremist ideologies potentially willing to leave the scene. This is done during interactive, practice-orientated local-level workshops for different target groups (e.g. pedagogic professionals, social workers, staff of job centres, students of educational disciplines) as well as individual and group counselling. We call this “education and counselling”. The aimed sensitivity contains the needs and challenges of those irritated right-wing extremists. Linked to this we want to prepare them to “have an eye on” those potential formers, to begin with causing constructive irritation and act as an instance which is forwarding willingly clients to jump. During the exit-process we refer back to these “signal generators” within the social spaces for assistance in special social work issues (e.g. job, drugs, debt).

On the other hand jump offers the “exit-assistance” for right-wing extremists and youth sympathising with right-wing extremist ideologies (sympathisers, fellow travellers, activists) willing to leave the scene and the surrounding field. This encompasses: gaining social security (especially in terms of housing, qualification and work) and shaping perspectives for the future; reflecting the experiences (of hate, violence and crimes but also of comradeship and appreciation) inside and outside of the scene, supported by developed methods (e.g. a “scale of self-positioning” and confrontation with and reflection on moral dilemmas based upon a method developed by Lawrence Kohlberg); identifying and handling “trigger-mechanisms” (words, situations, music etc.); developing sustainable courses of action to avoid relapses into mind-sets and acts characteristic to the right-wing extremist scene. Both parts of jump are strongly linked and aim to counter radicalisation (physically and mentally) and to shape a professional local surrounding, able to unfold a preventive influence, in a long-term perspective.

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