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Back on Track

Specifically targeted are inmates and remand prisoners in Copenhagen, who are charged with or convicted of terrorism and/or inmates vulnerable to radicalisation. The aim is to help the inmates - by the in-tervention of a mentor - to become better at tackling everyday situations, problems and conflicts by:

  • Motivating them to opt for a lifestyle free of crime;
  • Involving the inmates network outside prison (family, friends etc.);
  • Assisting with concrete challenges surrounding release (finding a home, job etc.).

An important part of Back on Track is also to train mentors to strengthen their competencies in relation to various dialogue techniques, coaching and conflict management skills. The mentors will have mentor coach-es who can support and supervise them throughout their work.

Contact details:

Direktoratet for Kriminalforsorgen
Strandgade 100
1401 København k

Marie Louise Jørgensen
Tel: (+45) 72 55 46 09