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Guidelines on preventing radicalisation at the grassroots level

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Prevention and reintegration of radicalised individuals are the two approaches advocated in the “Guidelines on preventing radicalisation and manifestations of hate at the grassroots level” adopted by the Congress in October 2015.
In the face of radicalisation and violent extremism, repression alone is not the solution. To combat these trends, it is vital to take preventive action. This is local authorities’ area of action par excellence.
Through a range of practical examples, the guidelines call on local and regional authorities to promote:
  • good public information sending a message of cohesion
  • training of the various players on the ground and education in families and schools, ensuring respect for cultural diversity and human rights
  • the design of local multi-agency strategies, involving local partners.
The guidelines underline the need for local and regional authorities to support déradicalisation programmes and involve civil society in their action.
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