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The Oxford Handbook of Religious Diversity - Chad Meister (2011)

Literature resources Introduction to intercultural and interfaith dialogue

The Oxford Handbook of Religious Diversity consists of thirty-three articles which cover numerous issues in religious diversity. Since more and more religions live side by side in today’s world, a diverse range of questions and issues raise to the surface. How do we engage in effective dialogue with religious others? What should public education reflect in a religiously pluralistic context? What role might the diversity of religions play in developing a global ethic? How do the various religious traditions deal with the plurality of religious belief and practice? What role does gender play in such discourse?

The book is divided into three parts addressing various issues related to religious diversity and differing perspectives on the subject. Articles in the first part trace the general features of religious diversity discussions from four different fields: history, religious studies, philosophy, and sociology. Part two explores key theological, philosophical, sociological, and public policy issues relevant to religious diversity. The third and final part provides differing analyses of religious diversity from multi-faith, gender, and global points of view.