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Praefix R - Coaching for imprisoned parents

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Through a special coaching programme with imprisoned parents we intend to prevent the tendency to right wing radicalisation in their kids.

The fathers and mothers the programme is aimed at might be a) right wing orientated (and transfer this attitude to their children) or b) having noticed their teenage children’s tendency to discriminatory prejudices or to join right wing radicalised groups. In principle all parents are welcome who wish to intensify or stabilise the relationship to their children and improve their parenting skills as they wish to be “nevertheless” a good parent.

Furthermore, the programme is based on the idea that imprisoned parent’s children are a group of high risk which is largely unnoticed: They often suffer from missing the imprisoned parent, suffer from shame and guilt which is connected to the parent’s criminal deed and, last but not least, they are on risk to experience exclusion and bullying. Together with an insecure attachment pattern and trans-generational transmission of traumatic experiences they are on risk to join radicalised groups to compensate the need to be recognized and important. This is where coaching starts and focuses: to support the clients to strengthen the parent-child relationship, to improve their child-raising competences and to reflect their values and attitudes, in which their parenting is embedded.

Part of the coaching is also to involve important others such as the (ex)partner, parents, foster parents (if the child lives in a foster family), friends or relatives who can support the process. An important part is also – if appropriate and possible - to involve the youth welfare service and other local initiatives. The coaching can be conducted as individual coaching or in groups with maximum 6 participants, it consists of 15 sessions, including one preliminary session, ten weekly or biweekly sessions and four following-up sessions, which can be set according to the need of the clients. All in all the process lasts for about 1 year.

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