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Democracy Factory/Fortress of Democracy

Best practice Educating young people

Interactive exhibition on democratic citizenship for children and youngsters. The Democracy Factory is an interactive exhibition where visitors work hands-on in lively surroundings. Visitors are confronted with challenges and have to exchange opinions and have discussions in order to complete their visit. The Factory consists of twelve galvanised steel modules on wheels, connected with pipes to lead electricity. When students work in the factory, they produce factory sounds with the devices and machines. About 50 assignments are constructed in these modules on lots of devices and machines. During the week, children and youngsters visit the exhibition as part of their school activities.

After school hours and in weekends, adults are also welcomed in the context of adult education, parent conferences of neighbourhood meetings.

The exhibition has three main learning levels for student of different schools and grades. These levels vary in complexity and length. Students work in pairs and follow a course according to a small booklet or digital device that guides them along all assignments and questions. This booklet or device also functions as a notebook to write down answers and opinions, each student has their own notebook. The exhibition has a solid structure and is based on self-directed learning. Students work at their own pace in their specific learning level and guide themselves through the exhibition. In the exhibition, only one or two instructors are present for a group of thirty students and their teacher. The instructors host the students and are trained to provide guidance if required by the students.

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