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BOUNCE Resilience Tools

Best practice Educating young people

BOUNCE is a package of three training and awareness-raising tools for youngsters and their social environment. It is a positive answer to the challenge of preventing violent radicalisation at an early stage.

The BOUNCE tools are designed as preventive measures when - or even better - before concerns about violent radicalisation arise. They provide youngsters and their environment instruments to manage the challenges they come across. The three tools (BOUNCE young, BOUNCE along and BOUNCE up) are interconnected and complement each other. BOUNCE emancipates youngsters and their network, to become resilient and to interact with an aware environment. The BOUNCE Resilience Tools were developed with a view on an early prevention psycho-physical training for (vulnerable) youngsters to strengthen their resilience against radical influences and to raise the awareness of the youngster’s social environment. BOUNCE young is a resilience training program for youngsters.

A healthy and strong resilience is a proven protective factor in the prevention of violent radicalisation. In 10 (inter)active group trainings, youngsters train and strengthen different aspects of their resilience. Through a mix of action and reflection, a wide range of skills and competences are strengthened, practiced and linked to their personal experiences. Youngsters learn to bounce back and bounce up when dealing with challenges. In the trainings, youngsters make the link between the work forms and their personal experiences. A BOUNCE young training is always used in combination with BOUNCE along awareness-raising actions for parents and frontline workers.

BOUNCE along is an awareness-raising tool for parents and frontline workers. The tool provides tips, insights and practical exercises for adults in the social environment of youngsters. It assists them and strengthens their role in the early prevention of violent radicalisation. BOUNCE along treats five topics: ‘a positive point of view’, ‘strengthening resilience’, ‘resilient relations and communication’, ‘concerns and challenging situations’, and ’information and support’. BOUNCE along focuses on all parents and frontline workers, and can be used in combination with the BOUNCE young resilience training for youngsters. BOUNCE up is a train-the-trainer tool for frontline workers.

This tool instructs them in working with the BOUNCE young resilience training program and the BOUNCE along awareness-raising tool. By combining both tools, trainers can become an important supporting figure in the early and positive prevention of violent radicalisation. Trainers assist youngsters as well as their social environment and set up an integrated and integral approach, tailored to the needs of the target groups.

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