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Fryshuset - Passus

Fryshuset, which means “cold store” in Swedish was founded in 1984. Formally Fryshuset was a foundation headed by the YMCA of Stockholm. The Swedish Passus project was started in 2010. It provides hands-on support for persons wanting to leave criminal gangs or networks by cooperating with various housing corporations, the police, social services, the legal system and also with the client’s own family and friends. The aim of Passus is to offer first-line intervention and support for those young people and their educators, parents and related professionals.

One key-element in the work of Passus is the use of “bridge-builders” or “key-personalities”, who have own experiences of criminal gangs or networks. Another key-element is the application of a method called MRP (Motivation, Relation and Passion) for dealing with the needs and new identities of the clients. A promising aspect of Passus is its adoption of first-liners with biographical experiences from criminal gangs or networks.

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Robert Örell
Fryshuset Verksamhetschef Exit