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Teaching respect for diversity in classrooms

Best practice Educating young people

This project highlight the ntercultural approach to education to insure peaceful coexistence of diverse communities, by:

• Facilitate the official recognition of academic qualifications from other countries through collaboration with the Agència d’Homologació de Títols (Agency for the Recognition of Qualifications) that has been launched by the Government of Catalonia.
• Formulate training entrance exams for work integration training programmes through the objectivation of abilities and not so much from the knowledge that a specific school education may signify.
• Support the measures aimed at encouraging the continuity of studies through programmes that use the figure of the “referent model” in high schools.
• Strengthen the programmes for entry into, or return to, regulated education as well as the promotion of work values and culture on a local scale
• Commitment from the Educational Consortium in the execution of its competences in planning and schooling, to take measures that involve the schools from the same educational zone so that all the schools teach about the neighborhood’s socio-cultural diversity in the same way, as provided for in the LEC (Law on Education) in the definition of the Educational Service in Catalonia. In order to provide a response to the greater socio-cultural diversity of students, incorporate new instruments and methodologies into the support programmes for success at school at the basic and compulsory level.