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Aarhus Model: Prevention of Radicalisation and Discrimination

Best practice Community engagement and empowerment

Intervention of the Aarhus Model consist of two areas of intervention:

General population:

  • Raising awareness to professionals and the public. Achieved via presentations and workshops for profes-sionals and teaching institutions
  • Collaboration with local communities. Respectful and assertive dialogue with mosques, cultural societies and other major players in local communities


  • First-line staff of the Task Force performs risk evaluation of individuals and groups
  • Advising professional staff on how to deal with cases concerning radicalisation
  • Advising individuals and next of kin in cases concerning radicalisation
  • Mentoring for persons, who are at risk of radicalisation or are involved with violent extremism
  • Contingency for foreign fighters and their families

Contact details:

East Jutland Police
8000 Aarhus C

Steffen Saigusa Nielsen, ph.
Tel: (+45) 2920 3650

Aarhus Municipality, Social Services
Vaerkmestergade 15
8000 Aarhus C

Signe Reichenbach, ph.
Tel: (+45) 8940 3117